Pon Dat Very Day

by Anthony Leonard Pierre



i've lost count of the re-dos, of the start-overs, still - learning and leaning on patience, I do see the end ... trusting these transformations of my writings will guide your solace to peaceful times. Nuff respect ..!


released April 21, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: On That Day (353)

On That Day - We suffered
on that day
We suffered too
to accept that day
We suffered too
trying to realize the FACT of that day
We suffered the perished
suffering the pain
suffering the REALIZATION of again
We are suffering
that day.

They acting like
We didn’t perish - needlessly
on that day
they acting like
Our Fathers didn’t die - unnecessarily
on that day
they acting like
Mommas didn’t suffer
a grave lost
to the infernal’s grave
on that day
they acting like
Our Fam’lies weren’t shattered mercilessly
on that day
they acting like
Daddies weren’t sacrificed
like fe’Wi
dear Mommas weren’t crucified
on that day
they acting like
I an’I didn’t die
did not succumbed to
an untimely passing
on that day
like I -- I, I, I an’I
didn’t shed a tear - didn’t feel a lost
wasn’t invaded - without a cause
on that day.

God damn it man - trivialize My day
for a national scary day
what about the heroes - the rescues your mockery
now trivializes
to establish a budget balancing holiday
as - on the editorial front pages
belittling lives saved
yuh posing fear
apathy and industrial military might
your Hollywood couldn’t have script
a better plot than that.

They acting like
Wi didn’t LOST a Friend
on that day
acting like
Mi sweat an’ blood
it’s truly gone to waste
building - fighting
sacrificing and believing
for this country
they acting like
I didn’t suffer My lost
on that day
they acting like
I an’ fe’Mi Heritage
are not STILL suffering
from THAT tragedy
they acting like
We ARE to be blamed
for that day
the day
the Arabian Trojan horse
extended its wing
and came home to roust
a~allelueria - seems there is no Jesus
carrying the cross
to be crucified.

The lost IS not
a thing - a personality
sexuality or a possession glittering
its existence
has been - is here
will forever to be revisited
its WEIGHT is a burden
no one individual can
but each will realize
they are one an’ all are
consciously carrying
as their psyche was scared
on that day
it’s what - it’s not
it’s My Conscience
it’s My Faith - My Reality
it’s My Sense Of Being
something DEEP within - that
I lost “unintendedly” to fear of terror
on that day
I lost
something - nothing
totally everything
on that day
yet establishment
exploiting the images of tragedy
you on front pages
your actions and words
tarnishes the deed
those of honor -- daily performs. effects

And We MUST ask Ourselves
what de’hell happened in that ‘hell’
to create “Jumpers” of Our Friends an’ Families
what de’hell could be so horrific
causing ‘Innocence’
to choose the end - to end this way
the conspiracy of suicide
hisses its teeth to this rhetoric
on that day.

They acting like
We didn’t suffer
a grave lost
they acting like
We didn’t die
on that day
they acting like
We shouldn’t remember
the senseless terror
of that day
they acting like
We should be silent
like unconscionable dummies
for that day
they acting like
We have NO feelings
they acting like
it wasn't for and at Us
whom de’shock intended.
They acting like
We didn’t die
by the SLAUGHTER of their doings
they acting like
We aren’t suffering
in silence INDIGNATION
at a self-imposed … alter
they acting like We aren’t grieving
as a ONLY means of shelter
they acting like We weren’t wounded
pierced in the rib
on that day
acting like
We aren’t bleeding - ‘cause of
have no feelings
about the cause and effect
of that day
they acting like
I should have and believe I
to and will
willed to remain speechless
in the backwardness of complacency

to have them gloat
in the exploitation
of that day
they acting like
Our Pickneys won’t bare a burden
Our Souls didn’t cry for justice
as lives buried to dead
in the mist of “unbeliefness”.

They acting like
I have NO tolerance
no acceptance FOR apathy
no knowledge OF diversity
they acting like
they and I
think the same
they ARE acting like ...
acting like
acting like
they ARE acting like We ...
We all didn’t die
on the day ...
the day
became intolerable
the day
religious indifference
became intolerable
on that day.
Track Name: Elevate Yourself (3)

Wyan an’ wyan - I an’I and I gwa~a~an
educate Yourself - elevate Your Mind
and take Self seriously
inna dis yah moko~moko
don’t mind what they say
do the things that help You
as You see fit … fit for You
as it is You … yu’a livin’ wid You
You alone can realize Your wants
and needs in their times due
suh Yout’ - duh whey Yuh a’fe do
an’ gwa~a~an - SEEN.

Elevate Yourself take Self seriously
You are a part of Life’s beauty
if Yuh don’t help You … no-one will
suh reach and touch the sky
it’s NOT man’s limit
REACH - Yuh might light the star
stars a-complacent within You
do, do, do - pick-up Yuh banga~rang
please for Me and for You
through a self-enrichment - elevate You!

Yout’ an’ Yout’ - Young Bloods
educate Yuhself about …
the little things You find pleasing
all simple actions that makes You laugh
moods that makes You sad
and the memories … that brings forth tears
no-one knows but You sojourns
so do, do and do
do elevate You
as the VOICE of wisdom
will come from within - Your Daydreams
Youtiee … gwa~a~n
steppin’ as de’star - center-staged at large - a’ho~o …
it is for You to elevate Yourself
pass A - B - C
as 1 - 2 - 3 is the dumb man’s destiny.

Father-less, downtrodden Pickneys
make an effort of head held high
to see Your Dreams come through
time is passing by
wasted moments
NEVER to be recovered - again
so … take Yourself seriously
work towards Your reality
make Yourself a karma
that brings no-one a bad memory
and to Yourself
foster no ill-feelings of
jealousy, hate or envy … to rahtid.

Seek and create new opportunities
to bring Dreams to reality
elevate Your MIND
and develop a positive Self-image
suh out’a zero an’ naught
Yuh meck one bundle a’ sinting
for in the end when
You are forced to face the face You carry
what You are in display - to Your reservations
are the things …
that YOU, take YOU, through
suh Yout’ - duh whey Yuh a’fe do
an’ gwa~a~an - SEEN.

Know … fe meck Yuh bell sweet
sweat a’fe fall pon pavin’ streets
so … COME ON
help Yuhrself to help You
towards an attainable reality
be compassionate
to Your wants and needs
as nothing – nuttin’ good
is accomplished without sincere obsession
this will reveal a passion
to the onlookers
who questions Your zest
to accomplish
as it is from amongst them - dem same wyan
You will see the true helping hand - stretched-forth.

Mother-less, tryin’ Young Bloods
don’t make false promises
that will hold You down - as
everybody is
looking … for himself
looking … for herself
we’re looking
for ourselves
every -- BODY
looking … for self - suh
pick-up Yuh banga~rang
please for Me and for You
through a self-enrichment - elevate You!

They will all
watch and say
this and that … that and this
and the things they say they do
“criticizingly” doing for
to helpin’ You
not always in the best interest
of Your sojourns
it is for You
to listen to and know - drumbeats
the timing within Your ego
and henceforth assert Self or
just patiently sit-back and wait
to reveal
You were on the track
all along
Youtiee … gwaan
steppin’ as de’star - center-staged at large - a’ho~o.

So do, do and do
DO - educate and elevate - YOURSELF
(as unbeknown … to You and Me
You - are counting on You)2x
Yout’ an’ Yout’ - Young Bloods
wyan an’ wyan - I an’I and I
unbeknown to You and Me
You - are counting on You
counting on You
counting on You … to rahtid.
Track Name: Inna a Big Man Voice 63b

If it’s once a day
only once a day
tell Her
I do need for You
go and embrace Her
with brazen compassion
hold Her closely
take the time
to secure the door of You and Her togetherness
close the entry - “adjarly” and
an’ ‘LOVE’ Her
penetrate Her Soul
concentrate on Her
as only, You should
if at all -- once a day
only once
let Her know
You are there ‘CAUSE - YOU - CARE
Yuh ain’t gonna leave
an’ go -- nowhere - anywhere … at all.

If it’s once a day
let Your needs -- go
put Hers, Her desires
in front of Your wants and insecurities
for Her
cry with the symphony of Her indulgence
take the time
to listen to Her an’ CARRY Her weight
if at all -- once a day
make sure YOU get on Her nerves
to reassure Your acceptance of Her indifferences
as You are there
in sickness and health
the good and the bad
the sunny or the cloudy days
so in You

If it’s once a day
let Her know
no matter what matters
You are in dowry for Her jealousy
there for Her
in companionship for both You and Her
You - willing to be - HER
support and strength
You are NOT a-weakened
to show Your
caring and supportive love for Her - so
if at all -- once a day
tell Her
I do
I do
WANT for You
I do
NEED for You
I do
THINK of You -- about You
FOR - YOU - AND - ME … I do.

I’ll do, do, do anything
for You … with You
as You would be so appreciating
to do for Me
I will be a-proud
as We forge the togetherness of We
do tell Her
so as to let Her doubtfulness know - and
if only once a day
please to LOVE HER
close the doors of insecurity and inhibition
in the heat of passion
be a warrior in “brassfull armor - bronzy”
JUST FOR HER - find the strength
and muster one more uumm -
into Her acceptance.

If it’s once a day
tell Her, in the voice of Her “stallioned” Kingman
hi~hello, just thinking about You
ask Her inna Big-man voice of the Love Zone
how are You?
what can I do - in earnest for You?
if at all -- once a day
let Her know
if Her tears should fall
drip - drop - drop - “driply~drop” - do know
where, how and what opportune time of this day
to hand Her Your towel and say
My Honey Dear - Sweet~Sweet Sugar~Plum~Plum
I am here - ready and capable
to let Your teardrops - STOP.

If only, once a day
HOLD Her - CARE with Her
THINK with Her - TALK with Her
DECISIONS - make decisions with Her
if it’s even the simplest of things
do it attentively and caringly
just for Her
go through the ups and downs
with Her - WORRY
forgiveness, patience, tenderness
exercise these inner karmas
and remember to - TALK
if it’s only once a day
be (one ... big oversized bunny)2x
who’s willing to
forgive, forget an’ lay aside -- just for
the heck of it
if at all -- once a day
make a fool of You
just for Her Nerve’s sake
be the critical Friend
the confidant and the lover
be all You can and have to be
for the sake of
Your relationship’s endurance ...
if it’s only once a day ... be.

Be … be SORRY
be SAD
for and with Her
if at all -- once a day
DO - the unbelievable and unthinkable
if not for Her confidence
then for Yours
as it’s never a too late
to lie for Her
pain and unseen weakness
so do something
if it’s even to waste some - times
walking in the la~la bye
do it willingly
with Her - in Your company.

If it’s once a day
tell Her
of Your Dreams for
both Your Future togetherness
let Her know
You are there
a Shoulder
to lean on
let Her know
at least once a day
and Your manhood
if at all -- once a day
renew a pledge
with Your Soul Mate.

If it’s once a day
tell Her ...
Track Name: Prayer of Protection (592)

Ancestors - protect I from My friends
as My enemies don’t break bread with Me …
oh Ancestors who are charged with My wellbeing
on dutiful guard - protect I from My friends
uncalled for and out of character - it is they whom
who have become manifested liars and thieves
in so doing - deduced to raping the fruits of My Dreams
by corning My wounds - with their potted seasonings
My “be-friendliness” as blindfolded and led I
into the maze of mishaps - thereupon
My friends greed - saw this their windfall - uum protect I
see - while My enemies - at a distance for I to be watchful
experience - being aware of their advancing tactics
with diligence My Thoughts buffoon them - in contrary
it’s My friends hugging embrace
that’s proven to - tag the bulls-eye pon My naivety
so they go around tittle-tattling laughter at Me
a-moved - I am more to believe in My Duppy
watch Mi ‘Back’ - protect I from My friends.

Prayers - envision to I My friends deeds
so I can be assured - not to harm My enemies …
oh daily Prayers
protect I from My friend’s whispering advices
while knowing of My certitude
the enemies plans and re-plans
their spies hire guards
in fear of My outbursts
thus - the cunning of My awareness
gives I time … to slip~a~fool to their preparedness
giving friends comfort-laugher in My astuteness
but - to entrap I in his servitude
it’s ‘hey-friend’ who - has slipped the surprised backstab
to solace his envy of My Creativity

it’s a sobering reality - that
sometimes one has to befriend one’s enemy - for
advised protection - from assault(s)
of one’s friend(s).

Dear “God” - My friends deceitfulness … has caused
My decisiveness to bring pray to You - for them
the stench of My friend’s bullshit
blows down hill - towards My enemy’s camp - thus
despite My well-intent camouflage
in this naïve amity
I am at forever … at a disadvantage - hence
in My awareness - tolerating the burdens
to become somebody - to keep this earned ‘shield’
ambition a Warrior must discern - save for
it’s the seasonings of My so-call friend’s pie
that blocks My ‘pipe’
bent-over from constipation - I then am exposed
out in the ‘green’
where even a pebble can - pick I off
in My recovery - as tired feet are slowed to a drag
this ungrateful fool - for no explained reason
aloofly he brawled in/is spitefulness
screaming directionally
exposing My position of weakness
oh shit Mamma
who now has My back
My enemies then
find it a-easy to crumble My special Prayers
of refuge
the survival realization is
once you identify to know them
one has to find the courage
and stab friend(s) … in the eyes.

Enemies and misfortune - please to give I a break
I need the time to protect Me from My friends’ deeds
so I can be assured an honest fight - on your return
oh Conscience
protect My lucidness from My friend’s resentments
a-laziness rousts pon his slight-mindedness
so instead of medicine of conscience cure
he consciously plots the cesspools of begrudge
in the placement that My naivety trod
My enemies then - are so outraged
their outstretched arms were My buoyancy in this vomit
oh unanswered Prayers - is this a sign of My faith’s testing
see where Your Warrior’s weary Soul lies - imagine
it’s been long the time since
I have such - restful Sleep
My Prayers now - are for My enemies’ wellbeing and safety
on their journey - back home
share with them the fruits of My labor - and
protect them Ancestors - from the traps
My friends convene
I’m leaving - these My friend to My Mother’s Prayers
She prays - protect Mi Pickney~o
suh - when prayers are answered
no one needs … uum.

Oh Ancestors - whom are charged with My wellbeing
when You ALL come charging - to protect My outcry
knock My enemies’ doors - as there
My defensiveness found shelter from My friends
My enemies’ bosom - is where
My cynical has found comfort
see - encircled by their shields - I am made to feel like a king
as - in the privacy of this surrounding
their untouched wombs - compassionately kiss-bath the salt
of My friend’s seasonings from My open wounds
recognize - their lips are now boiled.
Track Name: By Myself (435)

Sitting here … by Myself - between time an’ place
I’ve realized the suicidal mission of self-achievement
it has married Me to Loneliness
lingering pages of delusions
between the masturbation of Self-pity and dogma
I talked to Me and was answered to
do dig it out of My Head
then henceforth - go find her - and
blow her dumb-fucking brains to nowhere - that
for not answering Me - in low-class feistiness
even at that I’m a failure - explaining that
dutty-pussy stains-up embroidery baggies
a-leaving Artistry - here … by Myself.

As she laugh at My shivering
I wonder to ponder the indecision
that drips tears on placarded Mask
the masquerade is stained from the embarrassment
of My finned-fingers’ masturbations - attempts
with awkward fingers - I’m denied
the grapple of self-satisfaction
I am worst than fish out-of-water - here … by Myself.

The Mask … stained in this tired steer
is gazed in a position of anxiety
one that symbolizes depression in dealing with
disrespect and denigration
and - as now ... My Enough is dealing a declaration
enough of this self-pitied bullshit
Silence reasons wid Itself - here ... by Myself.

For as I blink - a reflex of doubt
it is I whom will miss the splatter
then - I would be brainless
no-one to put brains back … where it belongs
so I relax - as even My tears show - that
I am tired in My Loneliness and
where no wrenkin’ stench jostles My Aphrodisiac
I then try harder at enjoying Myself … by Myself.

So … to stop the migraines - I depress the Music
allowing the ‘balls’ to dance again
and from going suicidal in My madness
I press again - allowing Me to dance ... by Myself.
Track Name: A Failed Man (126) [Mr. Axx Bradshaw Mix]

please understand
although My Intentions
were good
to de ... Pickney Dem de’Young Bloods
I never
always - provided
an’ heaven knows
to Their Mothers
I’ve given
many - a sleepless nights
given many ... a sleepless nights, sleepless nights.
But, if I could open
the pages
of My Mind
and one - could feel
the beats
of My Heart
the world
would know
from - My - point-of-view
I wanted
so much
to be
that - perfect Man
a Father, a mighty Provider
a Shoulder, a~a~a Lover
a Painter of Mine Own Collage
an~n~nd a ... Friend
Father and ... a Friend, Friend.
But somewhere - somehow unexplainable
I got lost
on Life’s tracks
I had My Hands out
but no-one took them
I opened
My Eyes to see
but the way was clouded
an’ I made out nothing
although I tried - persistently

I’ve tried
so hard ... to place
My every - daring Steps
but someone - something - some feared phobia
keeps moving and water-colouring
the pebble stones
which mark the right - pathway
mark the right ... pathway, pathway.

Now ... here I stand
a shell of-a-Man
I have
so~o~o … much pride an’ boastfulness
I show
no shame - although
in My Mind
I’m tearing Myself
apart - with blame
for I ... wanted so -- to leave
for My Lovers and Future Ones
for I wanted so~o~o
to be - a perfect Man
a Daddy, an impressive Bringer
a Guiding hand, a~a~a Sweetheart
an Artist of Mine Own Perplexity
and ... a Buddy
Friend and ... a Buddy, Buddy.

please understand
an’ don’t label Me --
an’ don’t label Me --
no! no! no!
fe’de Pickney Dem sake de’Young Bloods
and the Egotism that feeds I
you - don’t label Me - a DISAPPOINTMENT
don’t distress I ... in the statue of a FIASCO
don’t look at I ... in the status of DISGUST
don’t glance disenchantment at My Presence
you - don’t label Me - a FAILURE.

I’ve had to
deal with ‘man’
humankind and their
ways and dreams
and because the Determination
of My unbendable Modesty
has ALWAYS brought a-shame
to their distrust - in I
and they are STILL entrapped
in their - lack of
knowledge - untraveled and inexperienced psyche
as to why I Step
My next awakened Dream
they’re “a-choken” on CUPIDITY’S vomit
so within the company
of hate an’ grudge-fullness
they’re plastering I Ways
with bad-vibes and resentment - as
in jealousy their dreams nightmare on envy
are to have I
give-up in the misery
of complacency an’ feel-sorry-for -- with them
instead: by the drudgery of not givin’-up
I’m determined to be
I - Somebody - consequently
I forge on in I Dreams
with nothing else to lose
and the realities to manifest
for My surging Future
so I look forward to
the spoiling - MAD
of My - Grand Ones
the spoiling - MAD
of My - Future - as
I wanted
so much
to be
that - perfect Man
a Papa, a mighty Provider
a Backbone, a~a~a Beloved
a Dancer of Mine Own Confusion
and a Companion
Dancer and ... a Companion, Companion.

It’s not on alleluia’s faith
nor a glass-eyed follow
after another’s fading ripples
but a determination
for My Pickney’s Survival
why ...
that’s why
I must STILL go on --
so as I pass ... a’de by
oh somebody please
I am the FIRST to acknowledge
Mine Own Hypocrisy
the FIRST to acknowledge
the hypocrisy - I live
as STILL - I beckon
I’m the River-by
I flow to fertilize
your pondering quest
questing as to why
We both seek an answer
as to why ...
but ‘cross’ I - and
an’ I’ll suck de’livin’ daylights
don’t mess wid dis Dread
a PRODUCT Aloysius Bad-Bwoy from Marvely
of an environment
a Dreamer Derelda Walker’s Grand Son
who lives by the realities of
Mine Own - Nightmares
knows that
Life is never lived
until your grand-ones - EAT
until your future leans on
to survive from your
working hands
so~o~o ... for the things I Meditate
please understand
an’ don’t label Me --
please understand
an’ don’t label Me --

please understand
although My Intentions
were good
to de ... Pickney Dem de’Young Bloods
I never
always - provided
an’ heaven knows
to Their Mothers
I’ve given
many - a sleepless nights
and so - many have chosen disappointment
to label My Presence
as I waged
a burdened responsibility
to listen humbly
without the arrogance of Mine Own Egotism
whilst stepping “boastedily”
in My admitted Ignorance
as ... of the lifeboat
not only am I captain and crew
I’m its lone rescued … Survivor
lone rescued … Survivor, Survivor.
But -- if I could ... from
My - point-of-view
share My Intent
to be
that - perfect Man
a Father, a reliable Source
a Partner, a~a~a Precious
a Praying partner and a Champion
then somebody
you would see ...
De’Blood~Klaat Obeah - Anthony
Obeah Akkompong - Leonard
Akkompong to Pussy~Klaat - Pierre
you would see ...
De’Blood~Klaat Obeah Akkompong to Bumbo~Klaat
Anthony Leonard “Aloysius” ... Pierre
is I - is I - is I ... I.
Derelda Walker’s Grand Son - Donald Pierre’s Bwoy
a’ wyan’a Da~Da’s Bwoy - de’wyan who gu’wey a-america
wid ‘Im Mod’da - Prame Myrtle Reid - seen.
Track Name: A Date (118)
A DATE – 118 by Anthony Leonard Pierre

I applaud
Your willingness
to accept others
I admire
Your style an’
the way You place Your actions
so as to not bother others
I want to say
“thank You”
and to take You
to the park
an’ walk an’ talk
and enjoy the joy
You radiate
but for what reason to give
I’m lost
I’m not sure
don’t want to suggest
the wrong idea
the wrong thought
the wrong reason
for Me stating
much less asking.

I want to be on a date
with such a person
like You
just to show My appreciation
of Your character
of Your simple
but strong personality
but - long time Friend
I am
too cautious
too wary
from past experiences
to ask for --

“just a walk down the street date”.
Track Name: Your Your (198)
YOUR ... – 198 by Anthony Leonard Pierre

You are the words you speak
so be cautious as you walk the streets …

be e’ very conscientious
as to why - where - when and to whom
you surrender ‘THEM’
if at all - never
drop a GUARD to even the closest of friend
as it is they who are
within reach to bewilder your faith
measure your friends by - your both
wants and needs - thus
who has the tolerance to do without.
Yuh si lonilenss - som’times a’yuh best friend ..!

careful as to
why and for what cause and affect
you exercise - ‘IT’
your TRUST should first be of self - to
elude the phobias breathing regression
thus, the fairy tales must first prove themselves
before you dare knock on TRUST doors
therewith you surprise your PRIDE
with disparaging WORDS.

be prudent in giving ‘IT’ - and
only when absolutely abiding
an’ even then as a last resort
with PRIDE intact and on your WORDS
your FAITH will leave you vulnerable
so exercise ‘IT’ cautiously - giving
your TRUST space to be exercised
as the things you believe - in
must be within reach and of your control.

Your mannerism - a reflection of the things you eat
suh - carefully choose with whom you feast …

implant vigilance and
never expose - never smear - never disgrace
no matter the importance - NEVER
be without your PRIDE
so what is seen in/as character
is a positive radiance
of the/your inner karma - noting
it’s your friends gossips - that
most tarnish your PRIDE to weight your TRUST.

give ‘IT’ with PRIDE
and attitudinize by ‘IT’
with your -- Life
stand by your WORD with all might
so your FAITH is not smeared
as it’s easy to lose TRUST
when the GUARD is broken
realize that SPEECH is not an automatic reflex
thus the responsibility is duly yours
when WORDS hurt.

You are your own ... your
don’t insult nor pulverize “self-centerdness”
by hanging with a friend who
has nothing worthwhile
to give your needs
as your enemy is the someone who
refuses to give in - into the wants
you both claim to need
friendship is truly a selfish act - least
envy - jealousy and greed wouldn’t be indulgences.

Your fear of an enemy
is only because
you are in refusal of the space
forged between you
so you waste the energy
to be on GUARD
waste the energy
of being - on GUARD
as loosing a friend - there goes secrets to the wind.

And as you drop a GUARD
remember faith is a belief
in that - that cannot be proven
so do you TRUST the actions
of an enemy or the smile of the friend
close enough to know your weakness
do take time - examine your life without
and what makes and how different
is a presumed enemy.

Your GUARDS - your TRUST
your FAITH - your PRIDE - your WORD
emotions based on interactions with passersby
so chose your company
selectively and appropriately
as the devil does dwell within ... yes
ever question why the need
to go seek - a “God”
to go seekin’ - a “God” - note
hallelujahs are loudest amongst company
parading whose fear - distrust and self-doubt.

be e’ very conscientious
as to why - where
when and to whom
you surrender ‘THEM’
your TRUST
careful as to
why and for what cause and affect
you exercise - ‘IT’
your FAITH
be prudent in giving ‘IT’ - and
only when absolutely abiding
your PRIDE
implant vigilance and
never expose - never smear - never disgrace
your WORD
give ‘IT’ with PRIDE
and attitudinize by ‘IT’
with your - Life
with your - Life
your - Life. - Seen ..!
Track Name: Writer (124) [Version 2]
WRITER – 124

A lonely man
is unlike
a lonely - woman
that everybody
by now realizes
but, truly
a lonely Writer
shares the experiences
of either - sex
an’ that is:
a lonely state
of emptiness
it’s like sitting
on the stool
of a pit-toilet
for de’work
to -- be -- finished
to -- be -- wiped up.

Society goes - by
making - its judgments and
shouting - its accusations
at We, the Writers
of truth
an’ as de’job
is near finishin’
We glance to notice
those before
didn’t consider
We following
so the paper
is near finishing
and now: We sit there wonderin’
who is
or, if anyone -- is lookin’
as We ponder with
the decision of
how -- to -- Write
how -- to -- wipe.

In times like these
We battle between
Pride and Shame
should We open-up
or drop Our Guards
to say, to a -- passerby
please, ‘and ME
your hand
I need - to Write
or, should We hold
Shame and Pride
and leave OUR Space
of security
without -- a -- Write
without -- this -- sanity wipe?

In either case
We see Ourselves
the loser, so~o~o … We shut the door
fearing the committing of creativity suicide
it’s Our only veil of defiance
behind which We hide
having no experience
of Our World
they then say
We - are silent
We -- are -- so -- different
We -- Write -- so -- magnificent.

At least - for the time I spent
on the stool
it will be warm there
for the callousness
of their cold hearts
an’ they will need
to take even MORE time -- there than I
as they will sit in lonesome - wonderin’
what does
My Graffiti mean
and with WHAT
did I
do -- My -- Painting
do -- this -- Expressing.

An’ just then
they will glance to notice
I didn’t consider
those following ...
I’ve learned
how to - cope and shelter Me
within Myself
how to - pull My Pride up
to survive
amongst “passerbys”
as with the Writer’s Pencil
they hammer My every Knuckle
intending to BREAK My Will
My defense then comes
from -- My -- Cunning
from -- these -- Writings
so as I quest
to find and identify My Creativity
I’ve developed an extraordinary Self-confidence
to be the Artistry
of Mine Own Egotism and
packaged My Outcrys stylist-icily
for an admiration
the shy-likeness is only fed
by an acceptance
as introvert
is only a defense
so I reached for another pile
and pick-up discarded Thoughts
the Writer had thought -- thoughtless.

Ode -- to the Artist
in --You
ode -- to
the painter, writer, singer
to the drummer ... the guitarist, percussionist
the pianist, opera, ballet performer - a poet
tap dancer, a puppeteer to the brass players
a costumer, composer - the technicians
or a musical engineer ...
as the Orator Jimmy Cliff says
“You can get it, if you really want it
but you must try -- try -- an’ try ..!”

If You have not
invested the Time and developed Creativity
then You too
will stand in shock
of the artistic expressions
that caused man
to worship - a gasp
it is You
who will be in envy
of the styles and curvatures
that moves an emotion
subsequently, as being a-lost in Your Self-doubt
regretfully, You WILL hang a shameful head
so shake the Pen
if the Pencil is “dullened”.

Ode -- to the Artist
in -- You
Dream big, enormous
bountiful Dreams
Your accomplishment comes
from conquering
Your Fears and Doubts
with -- a -- TRY
with -- a -- carefree WIPE.

Society goes - by
making - its judgments and
shouting - its accusations
at We, the Writers
of truth
in times like these
We battle between
Pride and Shame
should We open-up
or drop Our Guards
in either case
We see Ourselves
the loser, so~o~o … We shut the door
an’ they then say
We - are silent
We -- are -- so -- indifferent
We -- are -- so -- priggishly.

Ode -- to the Artist
in -- You
ode -- to the Artist
in -- Me
ode -- to the Creativity
in -- You
ode -- to the Writer
in -- Me
dream big, enormous
beautiful Dreams
Your accomplishment comes
from conquering
Your Fears and Doubts
with -- a -- TRY
with -- this -- artistic WIPE.

Write on
ole’ Writer
play on
mistress Music
go on
yo’ Children
go after and forge
Your Dreams
You can get it
if You
try -- try -- an’ try
try -- try -- an’ wipe!
Track Name: Reggae Hero Gregory Isaacs (192)

Black Da~Da … they tried too many times
to imprison Your symbolic Voice
an’ like a lamb to the slaughter
You beckoned Your tonality
“Mr Cop”, “Motherless Children” have got’ta be free
oh … “Set the Captive Free” to trod “Across The Border”
as de’Souls of Revolutionary Warriors should always be
“Out Deh” wid da skankin’ Pickney Dem
never for Yourself non immediate Fam’ly
but for de’Downtroddens
who You are chosen by de’Ancestors to represent.
From de’Likkle-Rock - Jamaica
Gregory a’de Hero
a Warrior in battle
ahead a’de frontline and an Ambassador at all times
You’ve continued to uphold I an’I’s place
in de’global marketplace
check-it: de’four corners of ole’Akkompong
rock - soothingly to de’Cool Ruler’s
Sweet, Sweet Lovers’ Rock - Cultural Rock, ah~ah
they’re rockin’ to de’Revolutionary Rock
all rockin’ to Gregory’s beckoning tonal range - yeah.
Hero fe Reggae - emblematic Chants fe Wi
de’street Pickneys say
Gregory is a Hero out deh --
while others have
moved uptown
commercialized themselves
to play list and ads on T.V.
cut-off dem ‘Locks’
to fancy-fancy
migrate abroad
a’guh live ‘gainst caucasia’s fan dangles
involve inna all manner of atrocities and
sleepin’ … wid de’enemy
You Hero Dready
would be seen TRODDIN’ Jam-Doung’s Streets
wid de’skankin’ PICKNEYS. MAKE CHANGE

Oh Gregory - stamina Daddy
a Hero to those whom others ‘ave forgotten
Yuh set a standard fe Jam-Doung
liken dat set on continent Ethiopia
by Fela, by Willie, Melchizedek and Solomon
You are a territorial Lion
so meek - while ruling with a ‘presence’
and a “Black Afrikan Eagle”
when the time is set to defend We
a’Yu Mi Idren leaned pon
as ‘Im box-doung a’ ‘sentence’
oh Rough Neck - yeah You were
de’pillow at His head, de’protector in ‘Im den.
No matter de’deeds or trials
Yu tested fe’guh through
sticks an’ stones - point fingers or tongue lashin’
did not caused You to trod-on in embarrassment
dat’s right none can sey - Ruler walked by shamefully
but - all see an’ knew Your struggle
and subsequent survival through and against
wyan’a caucasia’s military - chemical weapons
an’ Yu suh bare~face to tell dem - ALL
dat Yu not seekin’ nu’sympathy -- BUT
as a FATHER - Yuh warn an’ beckon to de’Yout’s of
the DISEASE of caucasia’s plot
Yuh chanted, “Smoking Head” and “Hard Drugs”
“One Man Against de’World” and “Rough Neck”
Hero Gregory ... with Your indigenous tonality
Yu encircle Yu’self wid Black Defiance - as the
clergy of caucasia’s appointed came charging
BAM! BAM! -- BAM! ... nuff salute to You
the tallawa of the Hummingbird
is back-boned liken unto You - Black Da~Da
Your power of speech beacons Liberation
as a Generation arises by Your influence.
Dem caucasian’s EVIL plot
is to rob de’Pickney’s Pearl
so evil goes knockin’
at Reggae Heroes’ doors
if Yuh don’t an’ser
they shoot through - BAM

den next - Ankestor’s Chanters
lay dying - DEAD
bloodstains showing
a Life taken - a Mentor killed
a Black Positive Image - ASSASSINATED
in “whip man’s” vain
Prince Far I - Lue Lepkie - Pan Head - Major Worries
Puma Jones - Tenor Saw - King Tubby - Free-I
Lee-Van-Cliff - Dirts Man - Hugh Mundell - Delroy Wilson
Jack Ruby - Jacob Miller - Bob Marley - Early B
General Echo - Peter Tosh - Dennis Brown - Alton Ellis
to the Liberation slaughter
Reggae’s Heroes dying in sacrifice for da Black Cause
commuting Revolutionary suicide
just because - for a cause - because there is a cause
Ia’s Voices are military weapons wid that Wi charge.
So Gregory - to imprison Your figurative Voice
they go about with a plot - just because
makin’ mockery of de’I
plannin’ to ‘ave You give-up -- DEAD - without a cause
suh - like scavengers, they sit waitin’ to dress-up
in Your struggled fame - yeah
they go about meckin’-up awards and ceremonies for themselves
while propaganda headlines - gossiping on
negative vibes is all they spread pon
one of Reggae’s Foundation Mortar Stones - as
in outfits of envy - they standby pointing gossips
but NEVER opening a palm to gasp a realization.
I stand not hesitant to proclaim:
o~o~oh Warrior - exemplary the range of Your outcry
in Your unique Voice
other Warriors find courage
a Lone - Lonely Soul finds refuge
de’Timid revives Their strength
de’Lost sees the torch lit ahead
the Thirsty quenches Their thirst
all from Your lyrical fountain
a Hero to all Yardies
Jamaican’s Reggae Hero - YES
Black Da~Da Gregory - dat’s You. MAKE CHANGE

Like a Hummingbird
Reggae’s Doctor Bird
You hover pon de’stage
an’ area where Life’s battles are fought
by those found worthy to embody Blacka Ites
since de’seventies when
called for - to the frontlines of charged duties
You answered bravely with
“Sinner Man - Give a Hand
Bad Da - Sunshine For Me
Thief’a Man” and “Don’t Pity Me
Native Woman - International Tribulation”
chant Warrior Gregory
hovering from Yard to ‘foreign’ declaring
“Going Downtown - Slave Master
Set the Captive Free - Poor and Clean
A Sacrifice” and “I Am Struggling ...”
t’ings an’ time went on
an’ de’eighties surely did test --
but the Spirits of Ancestors embraced and
gave a Warrior an abstract Voice to chant
“Dieting - Out Deh
Material Man” and “Live An’ Love
Cool Down de’Pace - Not The Way
Hard Road to Travel - Let Off Sup’nu
Rebel With A Cause” and “Street Walker
Inner City Lady - Yes I Do
Love Me With Feelings” and “Top Ten ...”
de’nineties ... well Gregory
Ia Pickneys salute You -- as We a’
standin’ pon de’footings Your sacrifice sculpts
Reggae Hero - “Wailing Rudie”
“Ghetto’s” Chanter - “Opel Rider”
Reggae Hero - “Don’t Play With Fire”
Top Celebrity - “Just Another Finger”
Reggae Hero - “Talk Don’t Bother Me”
Cool Ruler - “Night Nurse ...”
Yes G. Isaacs - dat’s You
nuff respect - Ias salute You
every wyan an’ wyan dat I meet - every damn wyan
sid-doung pon Your a-sculpted Legs
Papa - a’ You teach an’ guides Wi
through Armageddon’s torrential streets.

de’changes Wi have seen - are just games MEN play
but as You declare
You are “... branded a victim
by the words man say!”
know dis Ia - dem Ancestors won’t let da wicked capture
or get You out - no way
caucasia has been cruel
the price set on I an’I - Natty Ites’ head
are so high, so high ... yeah
Wi saw dem wid dem slave ships
heading BACK … towards
I’man Yard
their muskets are armed … with
cocaine - homosexuality - incest - alcoholism
cancer - diabetes - aids - stroke an’ de’likes
and as their propaganda is “Just Another Finger”
in defiance, the “Wailing Rudie” willed
to stand as “One Man Against de’World” ..!
You are a visionary oral “Black-Lifetorian”
for Jam-Doung an’ Her Pickneys scattered abroad
document the struggles of a Nation
rejoice the triumph of a Victor
brought attention to ... de’doings of de’Yardies
caused dis an’ dat to happen to and about dat an’ dis
sooth, sooth Black Nerve
with Your Sweet, Sweet tonal Reggae Voice - yeah
oh, Cool Ruler - allegorically
You are de’Cream a’de’Crop
I saw a Night Nurse
rockin’ to dat fact - and
in a reasonin’ wid elder - Alton Ellis
I teased -- that I love how He copied Your style
the Foundation Elder that He too is
laughed an acceptance of such a high acclamation
to You both - knowing the truth of such matters
oh Gregory
a’fe Yuh indigenous Voice guides Wi
in the absence of Our motherless Mommies - Yuh do dat
as Wi fight ‘gainst convictions
You are the military tool upon which I an’I lean a conviction.

fe temporary fame an acceptance pon play-list
many a’dem ‘settle’ Reggae inna five lone tracks
are the solitary topics dem reside pon - suh
dem run gone call dat -- king of ...
guh label dis -- prince of ...
dat deh wyan -- a’queen
hear sey him -- a’prophet
but to hell wid all’a dem
for those whom Yuh represent
those who Yuh continually fight for
Wi sey BRAVE Warrior
Yu a’de ONLY ONE found fit ...
Reggae hero Gregory
de’Cool Ruler Gregory
G. Isaacs Gregory
the tallawa of the Hummingbird
is back-boned liken unto Your
Sweet Lovers’ Rock - Cultural Rock, ah~ah.

Oh Gregory
Saturday, July 15, 1950
what a day that must had been
upon Fetchers Land, Kingston Jamaica, W.I.
Gregory Isaacs - with an ability to speak
dat’s You
Gregory Isaacs - a humble Lion
dat’s You
Gregory Isaacs - Voice of the Survivors
dat’s You
Gregory Isaacs - Downtown Man
dat’s You
Gregory Isaacs - Raggamuffin Man
dat’s You
Gregory Isaacs - Hero fe Reggae
dat’s You
Gregory - Pearl of Jamaica
dat’s You ..!
Track Name: Education Mis-System (95)

To Us
the system is lying
educators becoming liken to
dictators and wardens
- underpaid
as teachers
- overpaid
as babysitters
- overworked
physically and mentally drained
in a time constrained ... system
nu’ov’atime in - dis ‘GAME’
- teachers are mistreated by the
requirements and conditions they have to work in
- they are left alone
with Children of PECULIAR behaviours and needs
- accused as unfit educators
by impatient - frustrated parents
“De’bwoy cyan’t read after how long - yu’ave ‘im?”
“Kiss~mi~neck~back - mi gyal com’ home
t’inkin’ - she prematurely … half pregnant ..!”
- less time and money allocated
to accomplish the impossible
a room full
all MUST pass - A+
- educators becoming surrogate parents
taking on the responsibility of parent and society
- many times
not enough time to teach
some forms of
public or religious holiday - conference or field trip
- other times
teachers’ time is REQUIRED on a research project
have to keep an’ justify
those government and corporate grants --
but within all this
the system calls for, higher - improved test scores
to justify a campaign promise, or
quiet the ONE lone voice
crying for improvement - crying for betterment.

They are SHORT-CHANGING the Children by
robbing Them of - Their Youth - Their Creative Will
thus forcing the Mind
to stray
as the Mind of the Young
go - wasted
the Mind IS a terrible thing … to oppress
as indicated in
the behaviours and the “bewop” Voices of the Youths
Black Bwoys don’t read the communication stumbling blocks
that NOOSES a potential
but its through Their stifled outcries - one sees the need for
educational emancipation - educational emancipation.

An oppressed Mind
is certainly, going to continue to do ‘wrong’
whenever and wherever ‘IT’ sees an opportunity
to bu’st loose - to unleash - show-off and potential
school settings
where conditions seem - right
set by
parent pressure, peer pressure
administrative pressure and teacher pressure ... BAM
tension is unleashed -
conditions like these
cause even the strongest of INDIVIDUAL ‘good teacher’
to fallow the MASS - master race supremacy plan
of suppression
to oppress the … caught - in - the - trap
Inner City, predominately DARK - SKINNED - Child
this well planned systematic oppression
ultimately KILLS - the (spongy - unaware MIND.)2x

Conditions of this “mis-system”
gone … suh raass bad
like ALL the other atrocities
aimed, to KILL the BLACK ‘WILL’
cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine, under-employment, sexual diseases
the influx of guns … in Black Communities - etcetera
this too Inner City crisis
spreading to your rural towns

and you continue to tur~rn your heads
to a condition, you well know - that is
contrived, conceived and plotted
researching and (wishing the problem - away.)2x

What happens to “bending the tree whilst it’s young”
instead of
better - proven teaching methods
community involvement
real … day-to-day role models and
mutual respect on BOTH the path of
of the Teachers and Students
We observe YOU calling for more security
your symbol of - intimidation and submission
it’s like prisoners whom are held in
inhumane conditions - are out of control
suh yuh invading the Innocent’s Rights
looking for the ONE out of every hundred
you claim, is causing the plight
of course, as it is then justified by moral scruples
against YOU the Children MUST - FIGHT
as you ‘take’ Their BASIC rights - away
the educational system goes
accusing both Student and Teachers - as
by lunch time the stresses of a cultural shock
will have these Innocence confused
under a system’s failing label
without an ‘in place’ safety net.

Such a sad bumbo~klaat reality
run the schools like prisons
‘cause that’s where ‘you’ intend
these Young FERTILE Minds to be heading
you break away at - Their ‘WILL’
it’s like training animals
for the repetitive monotony circus routines
if only BIG elephant will wake-up
and realize it has the WILL an’ MIGHT
to (BREAK ... the chains!)2x

Think … of the cost of running a school
verses maintaining a prison
We see in the school systems
there are taxpayers, school offered private tutors
for the caucasian’s child, who needs extra help
of course with its stigma
and still, in this educated system you brag about
We see Children sentenced to serving - They are completing
approximately thirteen years, of public education
and are unable to properly read or write
They go about suited in intellectual incompetence
wearing your textbook label of - “functional illiterates”
after being “probationed” from freely educated
to the life of another institution
making way for - another - Innocence
a systematic ... control
a moneymaking ... machine
a divide an’ conquer ... scheme - AND
a way of sub-consciously controlling those
caught TRAPPED at the bottom, of the economic scale.
An education “mis-system”
proven to be one of the “TOOL-WEAPONS”
contributing to My … raass~klaat demise
under-funded - poorly run
with a revolving door
intentionally TARGETED at
the Inner City dwellers
whom are ill-informed of opportunities
the lack of information of Your tax use and
the power of non-consistent voting offer to Your Children
a majority of Black Boys of the disenfranchised herd
who are dictated to
the general, inclusion or restrictive special education programs
markets Black Boys to the prison industrial projects
as the brain droning of the Third World and the Inner Cities
entry permits Their model teachers - to america’s suburbs
entry level administration and
cooperate america employments.

Imagine dis blood~klaat
brain draining ender employment
upon the Third World and the Inner Cities - as
population is increasing
but through the rhetoric’s of politics
you’re destroying schools
while closing others doors
and for those whose doors, are ‘LOCKED-OPEN’
accessibility to the “knowledge” taught there
are made harder in that
the rules … to enter - to stay in - and to leave
discriminate against the POPULATION
most - in - need
as the politician’s stat citations monitor
the 4th grade test scores
to mandate the building of more prison cells
and even worse - cutting Teachers’ salaries
while demanding more work - thus
We lose ‘OUR’ Teachers
that lures Them from the profession of Their calling
to serve the affluence’s greed
why? - title “teacher” is an accepted prerequisite
into cooperate family acceptance
whereas many educational administrators
have NO classroom experience
these actions willfully rob the Children
of Their ‘life-blood’ vein
to ‘absorb’ an influence
learn a lesson plan or “manneristic” discipline
from a Community Mentor
and on the other hand, you
‘pass laws’ - allocate more funds
employ those ... to
the pendulum has been imploded a crack
it’s the Voice of the a-Lost
that vibes your changing era
suh if de’shit~’ouse dey inna de’swamps
would yuh supply running wa’ta, paddle or paper
would yuh - would yuh?

Now hear mi~dyin’~trial
a’ from the economic gains
of the confinement communities
your electorates balance - a budget
this built-in institutional racism
locks its colour-bar
as it strikes against societal most needy
the ballots soothe a fear - based on Black-hate
stemmed from your predisposed racial injustices
this attempts to solve a problem
targeted and magnified by - your portrayal and outlook
that causes an epidemic
one that is intentionally focused
your electorates “brand-aid” a problem instead of prevention
this in the long haul, if schooled - is proven
has a more socially redeeming value
than ‘KILL THEM’
yes - an exposure to any form of community educational system
is better than the declaration - “incarceration”
through the butted disease of a systematic racial hate
this stifles Their potential and indoctrinates the
recidivism virus of Self-denigration
where then is the chance offered to Black Children
in a democratic system
where education is presumed a privileged opportunity
where the teachers of this american propaganda
masquerades their “Ivory League” fulfillment
as a quote of exploitation on Innocent Minds
now ... if de’swamp is infested wid snakes
de’paddle nuh mus’ tu’n ... inna wyan gun
the system is lying
educators becoming liken to
dictators and wardens
- underpaid
as teachers
- overpaid
as babysitters
- overworked
physically and mentally drained
in a time constrained ... system.

Look - statistically proven
as the school’s dropout rate continues to RISE
the prison population and the recidivism rate
are forever increasing
shackled in Their Mind-set
restrictive movements and
limited human interaction
are schooled into breeding
a Generation of WEAK minded Peoples
this is the aim and intent of - the
caucasian’s “racist - supremacy - incorporation”
and every - BODY in society
who claims they’ve made - ‘IT’
who meekly believe in a system
designed to undermine and discourage
they turn their heads
in the direction of recluse’s shame
they sit reminiscing on old-times
wishing the problem - away
while the racist shit~stem of race integration
continues to ‘educate’ the Children
for the revolving doors
of the PRISONS
of the PRISONS
as if - it is
the state capital
the ivory - tower
as if - it is
the state capital
the ivory - tower.

What a raass~klaat dough
Inner City Life has taught - I
much! much! much!
To Us
the system is lying
educators becoming liken to
dictators and wardens
underpaid and unappreciated
by impatient - frustrated parents
media mongrels, politicians and bias onlookers
who are bathing in the consumption of ungratefulness
as a system caste teachers
in a status where they lack
the economic prowess of influence
for it is they who are jeered “If you can’t do - then teach!”
imagine “If you can’t do - then teach!”
this upon the poor teachers.
The american educational school systems
setting-up Black Pickneys - to fail
setting-up Black Pickaninnies - to disappoint
setting-up Black Fam’ly - to not succeed
as it indoctrinates a society
based and balanced on the depravity
of an under-caste and your screwed characterizations
of such class!
this education “mis-system” intuited by land owning white men
from its inception was clearly stated - its intent
for the indoctrination of a cast’s ideologies
because, of the Mass-ive
culturally discerned education
was not the privileged
as that ACCESS will break the bond
that aids in keeping “functional illiterates”
a-lost in ignorance to dominance’s misdoings
without the mis-comprehension of the casted underclass
the democratic system of exploits
will hastily crumble
under the weight of its own demise
under the weight of its demise
its own demise
yeah-man - a’hoo ..!